Halsey Park

Once known as the Crown Jewel of Britain's Colonial America, Charleston has for centuries beckoned those with a passion for the finer things in life. Whether a resident wishes to indulge in fine dining, arts and culture, or prefers an outdoor life on our rivers, beaches, and wooded inlands... Charleston offers a lifestyle for everyone.

Strolling the streets of downtown Charleston reveals something sublime and special about the residential district. It is a place that simply feels right, like the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine on a fine spring morning. It is a city-within-a-city where one can live, socialize, shop, work and worship without starting a car. And it is this unique, city-wide scale that leads to a way of life many believe has been lost to history, where civility and cordiality are the norm.

Halsey Park offers all these wonderful benefits of life downtown, from A New Point of View.
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Purchasing a historic home downtown can be exciting... but the never-ending repairs, improvements, lawn service, security, and lack of parking can dramatically impede on the initial joy of the purchase.

Halsey Park offers a wonderful solution: Rowhouses of new construction, built with exacting detail, designed for the very latest technology, each with private elevators trav- eling to every floor and secure garage parking. For those concerned they may miss the homey feel of a lawn, Halsey Park offers a solution as well: A half-acre, manicured park and garden pathway running throughout the interior of the community—directly accessible to all homes.

Halsey Park also offers an opportunity for those ready to build their dream home: Six homesites approved for the construction of custom homes, and a design-build team ready to work with you today.

Rowhouse Floor Plans

Halsey Park Site Plan